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Internet of Things in Deutschland 2015: Eine Anwenderbefragung

Analyst(s): Mark Alexander Schulte
Report #GY01X, Januar 2015
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This IDC study analyses perceptions and attitudes of German organizations with regards to the Internet of Things. The insights of IT as well as line of business (LoB) decision makers provided in this study are based on German results of IDC's worldwide IoT survey conducted in September 2014.

The study focuses on the awareness of IoT amongst German decision makers, IoT use cases and investment plans as well as drivers and barriers to adoption. In addition, detailed information about budget allocation as well as the perception and selection of IoT vendors by ICT buyers are part of this study.

IDC conducted primary research in September 2014 to better understand decision makers' attitudes towards the Internet of Things in Germany. Based on a structured survey, IDC interviewed 150 organizations with more than 500 employees across major verticals. The research was carried out as part of a worldwide IoT initiative covering eight countries (UK, USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil and Germany) and a total of 1,212 interviews.

IDC observes a growing influence of the business departments on IT decisions which also applies to the implementation of IoT solutions. The line of businesses will be particularly affected by the benefits and challenges resulting from the Internet of Things. To reflect this, IT as well as LoB representatives have been interviewed as part of this study.

Questions at the beginning of the survey ensured that only respondents involved in IT and/or business decisions have taken part in the survey. 95% of these decision makers are directors/managers, VPs or CxOs. This target group is best eligible to give reliable information about their organization's IoT strategy. IDC also encouraged respondents to focus on their company’s needs and interest in regard to IoT, rather than their own individual consumer-oriented needs and interests during the interviews.

The study provides an aggregated view of the respondents' perceptions of IoT but also gives detailed analysis by company size bands, respondents' familiarity with IoT as well as a comparison with overall results worldwide.

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